Co-design for social innovation
Our project was supporting design innovation and business advice for local enterprener, Bonga Mabuya, in Khayelitsha, Cape town. He is a carpenter and sell his hand-made product through own furniture shop, Sophumelela.
First of all, the context has serious problems. Low living quality showed from house conditions, uneven bare ground and water shortage. In terms of his business, he had narrow sale markets and lack of identity. Also, limited product line shows only few design of furnitures and no coloured items with no Logo.
Creative solution
We started from branding to understand his identity and environment. At the same time, local research helps us to create new concept of chairs for supporting their better life. Different finishings make Bonga broaden his creative design finishings.
Lounge chair - Only uses 1/3 plywood sheet for save cost and materials, easy to build with designed template.
Stool set - Stable on uneven floor with three legs, strong joints for better quality.

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