What is LACU?
A stepping stone between having an issue and seeking professional help, LACU is a place to open up a conversation into your issues with the person that understands them best; yourself. LACU is a safe, private environment in which to take a break from reality.
How does LACU works?
The A.I. onboard processes your speech, picks out the important words and displays in front of you alongside a physical printed receipt. Additionally, these anonymised keywords are fed from multiple LACU into a centralised database so management can analyse on a macro level the invisible issues within their organisation. Inside offers an experience of infinity and isolation, allowing the user to leave reality behind and focus on their mind and self. The sound design both ensures privacy and directs the user's voice back to their ears, opening a personal conversation. The light interaction design establishes a space of intimate infinity encouraging the user to subconsciously calm down and speak.
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