An experimental means to augment facial expression through the manipulation of our social mask, enabled by AI.
Our face is an interface to our society. As social beings, our faces are regularly affected by stressful encounters or uncomfortable situations. This creates a permanent desire to be able to better control our state and to deal with these situations more smoothly.
But what if we could use AI to enhance our social masks for augmented communication? Artificial intelligence is already a part of our daily lives, and it has influenced many of our real-time communications, but I am more interested in applying this technology in bypassing social and emotional limitations.
So, what if we could harness AI to give us the power to face our society in unexpected emotional situations?
Hyperfine does just this - it projects the emotional state that you want to express in unexpected situations. It understands people’s facial expressions and changes your mask accordingly, when you need empathy, truth and mediation from others. Communicate more directly, powerfully, and also emotionally, with Hyperface.

Interaction with other person's facial expression

Augmented facial expressions
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